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A co-production between Bars Media, Armenia,, and Detailfilm Gasmia & Kamm GbR. The film is supported by Sorfond. 


Director:  Arman Yeritsyan  

Producer: Inna Sahakyan, Bars Media

Co- Producer, Norway: Frode Søbstad

Release: Summer 2015

Dur: 80 min/ 52/ 58 min


Logline/ directors note: 

One, Two, Three tells the story about Armenias first and only senior citizen dance troupe. They met in a soup kitchen, where they have their onlyhot meal of day, and inspired by the suggestion of young choreographer, they started to dance. With this film, I want to challenge the boundaries and prejudices that disconnect the elderly from society as a whole and from their own dreams. Behind their clumsy moves and smiles are personal dramas and lives that have been filled with struggle and loneliness. Despite their personal pain, this group of elderly dancers has come together to prove that they still have a place and a purpose in our communities. The courage of the elderly who dare to challenge the banality and loneliness of what is inevitable for us all is inspiring.






One, Two, Three 

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